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Young people aged up to and including 24 years

People aged up to and including 24 years can visit the GGD once a year, free of charge, for a STI-test ‘just to be sure’. Contact us if you have symptoms, you have been warned about an STI, or if there is another reason why you have a high risk of an STI. Do this, even if you were already tested earlier this year. Your GP and your parents will not be informed. Make an appointment for an STI test online or by telephone. 

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Questions about sex

Questions about sex

Many people have questions about sexuality or encounter problems. Young people aged up to and including 24 years can contact the GGD for a consultation, for example, about experiencing pain during intercourse, or problems relating to erection or orgasm. You can also contact the GGD with questions about, e.g., contraception, your sexual orientation and girl circumcision. All conversations are confidential.

Do you still find it difficult to contact the GGD? Every day, on www.sense.info you can chat anonymously with a GGD nurse.

Young people's consulting hours

In addition to our normal consulting hours, every Thursday we have special consulting hours for young people between 16:30 and 18:30 hours. These consulting hours are held one week in Heerlen and the next week in Maastricht. For these consulting hours too, you must make an appointment.