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Travel vaccinations and company vaccinations

Vaccination can be advisable if you travel to a country where there are many contagious diseases or work in a profession involving a high risk of contracting an infectious disease.

Travelling and health

In some countries you might contract annoying, or even dangerous infectious diseases, such as diarrhoea, skin problems, hepatitis A, malaria, yellow fever or sexually transmitted diseases. To an extent you can protect yourself against these by inoculation and by taking tablets. For travel vaccines and information about travel and health, go to Ease Travel Clinic & Health Support:

(088) 004 91 49

Ease Travel Clinic & Health Support

Ease issues customised travel advice and provides malaria tablets and travel vaccines against yellow fever, hepatitis A and other contagious diseases. In addition, Ease can be contacted for advice and assistance when you are abroad and for check-ups after your return. Ease Travel Clinic works in close collaboration with Public Health Service doctors in infectious disease control and doctors/infectious disease specialists from Maastricht University Medical Centre.

Work and health

Some professions involve a higher risk of contracting an infectious disease. This applies, for instance, if you work in health care. This makes it important to be inoculated against hepatitis B. This disease can be transmitted via infected blood and contaminated needles.

Ease Travel Clinic & Health Support vaccinates private individuals and company employees against hepatitis B.

Lost your vaccination booklet?

You can obtain information about travel vaccinations you had in the past from: