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Coronavirus | COVID-19

On this website you can find all information from the Dutch government concerning COVID-19. This website also provides information about the Dutch vaccination programme and mandatory negative test for travelers. 

Information and advice

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) is providing advice and information on the new coronavirus. The organisation provides advice to doctors, laboratories and municipal health services (GGDs) on tackling the virus in the Netherlands. You can find detailed information on the new coronavirus on the RIVM website. 

If you are looking for posters or leaflets in English or other languages you can find them on this page of the Dutch government website.

How does source and contact tracing work?

How does source and contact tracing work?

If a GGD employee phones to say your test result is positive, then contact tracing will start immediately. Together with you, the GGD employee will try to determine where you became infected and who your contacts were during the period in which you were contagious. The ground rules will also be discussed with you. 

Importance of the Source and Contact Investigation

It is of importance to cooperate with the source and contact tracing of the GGD. The GGD might ask you to inform your contacts, this depends on the amount of cases. If this is the case, the GGD will help you and send you instructions on how to do so. By following these instructions carefully, we can restrict the spread of the virus. After all, your roommates and close contacts will not be able to infect anyone else if they go into quarantine, and together we will be able to keep the virus under control. Only then will we be able to enjoy greater freedom.

People who themselves have or develop (mild) symptoms after being in contact with a person who has tested positive should call the Corona information line GGD Zuid Limburg.

Request documents COVID-19

Request documents COVID-19

If you have a request about your records concerning testing or vaccination for COVID-19 you can fill out this form* on our website. This information is only available for people who have been tested or vaccinated by the GGD Zuid Limburg. 

*Please note: you have to upload a copy of your ID to make your request valid.

More information 

Corona Information Center GGD Zuid Limburg

You can contact our Corona Information callcenter with questions about  source and contact tracing of the GGD, COVID-19 testing and vaccination. 

088 - 880 50 05


Available seven days a week from 08.00 am to 20.00 pm.

If you develop COVID symptoms while in the Netherlands

Information for students without the Dutch Nationality

If you (or one of the members of your household) have a fever and/or suffer from tightness of the chest, the entire household has follow the Dutch Covid-19 rules and stay at inside until everyone has been symptom-free for 24 hours. If you have any of the Covid-19 symptoms, you can have yourself tested for the coronavirus.
The test is free of charge. You need to make an appointment by calling T 0800 1202. Please keep your ID card at hand when calling for the appointment.

Information for Tourists visiting the Netherlands

Tourists who develop coronavirus symptoms are advised to stay in their holiday accommodation, avoid contact with others and arrange a test with the municipal health service (GGD). Tourists who test positive for coronavirus must self-isolate. Their family members must self-quarantine. People with symptoms that could be caused by coronavirus are not allowed to travel.

The test is free of charge. You need to make an appointment by calling T 0800 1202. Please keep your ID card at hand when calling for the appointment.